Hello and welcome to SotA Tutorials! In game I am Elaina Strongbow and I am a Royal Founder. I backed the game during the KickStarter campaign but really didn't start playing heavily until they went into Persistence. The goal of this site is to provide quick video tutorials of the game and the mechanics. The game can be daunting for new players and I want to share what I have learned and what I learn as the game progresses to final release.

Are you new to the game? If you are new and looking for some help, look at this Playlist I've created. In the end there will be around 30-50 videos targeted to new players. YouTube - New Player Guides

NOTE: I typically record the tutorials videos offline and publish directly to YouTube. I'm starting to stream on a regular basis on Twitch and I'm actually recording videos while streaming. So if you want to see me recording these live, visit https://twitch.tv/elainastrongbow for the latest schedule.

  • You will find all the videos on the Tutorials link to the left.
  • The Upcoming Videos is where I track what is next on the production list.
  • The Lunar Dragons Guild page is a little bit about the guild I play with in game
  • Strongbow Rentals is about rooms I rent in Owls Head in SotA
  • The Links page has all of my favorite Twitch and YouTube streamers for Shroud
  • On the Affiliates page you will find links to Markee Dragon's store where you can purchase the game and add-ons. Markee is a business partner with Portalarium so clicking on those links and buying through him helps me, Markee and Portalarium.
  • And finally I've provide a Blog where I can provide some more textual updates of what is going on in the land of Novia.

Hope you enjoy the site. Leave me feedback on the videos directly. If you want me to cover something you can tweet me (below).

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