New Character Guide

I was asked a question from a new player and you could here the dissatisfaction in their voice with the game. They simply started out and was generally stuck and didn't know what to do. Now before we start railing on Portalarium, remember this, this game is NOT release yet. There is still a lot of polishing going on and that includes getting it ready for new characters…

So here is what I did. I bought a basic Viking Account Bundle and started a new character named Eleanor Strongbow. As I mention in the first video, Eleanor is a nod to the Princess Eleanor in the TV series The Royals. That being said, I started a new series call the New Character Guide where I'm building up Eleanor from very start and reviewing the game mechanics as I do so. People should be able to watch these videos and get an idea of what to do in the game AND how to do it.

New Character Guide - YouTube Playlist