First six tutorials!

Site is setup, at least the basics and I've got the first six videos up in the Tutorials page. It's not hard to update the site when I create new videos but it is still kind of manual. I'm going to whip up a DB in the backend that Tutorials page will read from. This will also allow me to put in some basic filtering and searching. It's not required right now but after about 20-30 videos it will be.

Welcome to the site

Hello and welcome to the site! My in game name is Elaina Strongbow and I'm a Royal Founder in the game Shroud of the Avatar. What does that mean? It means that I was one of the original backers for the SotA Kickstarter campaign, back in March of 2013. I was a long time player of Ultima Online (Great Lakes Shard) and I was excited to see that Richard Garriott was getting back into the gaming world with SotA.

SotA is a very complex game and it has not even been fully released yet. It is due to be officially released this year but even now it is very playable and in a persistent state. While not a successor to Ultima Online, you will see some similarities and it has a lot for all types of play. There is PvE, PvP, Guilds, Crafting, Player Housing and much more. Each of these features can be very complex and somewhat daunting for new and existing players. But don't worry, that is why I have created this site.

As I play the game and discover new information and mechanics, I'll record short YouTube videos to document them. These videos will be anywhere from a couple of minutes up to 15 minutes depending on the topic. I will provide some contact points on various media tools for you to reach out to me if there is something you specifically want to research and record. As they say, a long journey starts with a single step… this is my first step and I hope you join me!