New videos and some setup mechanics

Busy weekend with Mother's Day! I captured two new videos where I was GM'ing new skills, Blacksmithing & Aimed Shot. On Sunday night I got to sit down and play Solace Bridge Outskirts with my new character, Eleanor, and get that on video. Hopefully that will help out with the new users during the Trial Period. I was able to sit down and stream some general play, which was cool! I've changed up my twitch feed from "Macnlos" over to "ElainaStrongbow". Just makes sense since everything I do is under that name now.

Big changes in game

So our home town of Bay Lunaire is going up for sale so the most of the residents packed up their bags and moved to Crossroads. Crossroads is an overland POT that located just SouthEast of Central Brit. Couple of videos up showing the town, the new Guild Hall, and me using the property manager to move between towns. I also wanted to explore Artifice so I started (and completed) as series on the Path of Truth Quest.

Challenge to the Community!

This is a Social Challenge!!!

How many times has someone just ran by you and said nothing? How many times do you do that to other people? I want to challenge each of you to stop and say Hello to at least one person you don't know each day you play. Make someone's day. Hopefully someone will make your day too!