New videos and some setup mechanics

Busy weekend with Mother's Day! I captured two new videos where I was GM'ing new skills, Blacksmithing & Aimed Shot. On Sunday night I got to sit down and play Solace Bridge Outskirts with my new character, Eleanor, and get that on video. Hopefully that will help out with the new users during the Trial Period. I was able to sit down and stream some general play, which was cool! I've changed up my twitch feed from "Macnlos" over to "ElainaStrongbow". Just makes sense since everything I do is under that name now.

Updates to my Video Formats

I took some time this past weekend to update the format of my videos on YouTube. The changes included:

  • Moved video camera image to the lower left to not obscure the health bar stats
  • Fixed / adjusted the video image so it properly sits behind the stream template box
  • Added a "YouTube" watermark to the lower right so people can easily subscribe to the channel
  • For videos in a playlist, and an informational link in the upper right corner that links to the playlist on YouTube

I've got one more change that I need to put in as well. I'm going to add a 15 second delay at the end of the videos so I can add endings that will always show the previous video and a link to this site.

R41 Release

On 4/27/17 Portalarium released their 41st monthly release! This is always a busy week for me because of exploring the new content and making videos. I did a full three part series on the Verdantis Mines re-write, review of the Release Notes and various other features that were put in. You can find my R41 released videos on this YouTube playlist:

Shroud of the Avatar - R41 Related

New Character Guide

I was asked a question from a new player and you could here the dissatisfaction in their voice with the game. They simply started out and was generally stuck and didn't know what to do. Now before we start railing on Portalarium, remember this, this game is NOT release yet. There is still a lot of polishing going on and that includes getting it ready for new characters…

So here is what I did. I bought a basic Viking Account Bundle and started a new character named Eleanor Strongbow. As I mention in the first video, Eleanor is a nod to the Princess Eleanor in the TV series The Royals. That being said, I started a new series call the New Character Guide where I'm building up Eleanor from very start and reviewing the game mechanics as I do so. People should be able to watch these videos and get an idea of what to do in the game AND how to do it.

New Character Guide - YouTube Playlist

Path of Love Quest

This past weekend I uploaded about 8hrs of content in (6) parts for the Path of Love Quest. Consider this a SPOILER series. It starts at the beginning and I go through the entire quest. You can find the videos in the Playlist:

Path of Love Quest - YouTube Playlist

21 Tutorials! Black Jack!!!

Well, it's been exactly one month since I brought up this website and started this endeavor. As of late last night the 21st video was posted to the YouTube channel! I've gotten my recording setup stabilized and getting a 5 minute video created and uploaded takes about 10 minutes. For now, I've change the Tutorials link on the site to point directly to the YouTube channel rather than maintaining a list by hand. So thanks for watching and happy 1 month to me! :)

First six tutorials!

Site is setup, at least the basics and I've got the first six videos up in the Tutorials page. It's not hard to update the site when I create new videos but it is still kind of manual. I'm going to whip up a DB in the backend that Tutorials page will read from. This will also allow me to put in some basic filtering and searching. It's not required right now but after about 20-30 videos it will be.