Welcome! This isn't an "official" site for the Lunar Dragons but for now, it will do. Since most my videos include me and guild members I figured I'd provide a little bit of information.

The Lunar Dragons is a guild in the game of Shroud of the Avatar. The guild leader is Markee Dragon who is a well known Twitch and YouTube streamer. In addition to this, he is the proprietor of Markee Dragons Game Codes, an online store where he is a Trusted Trader for games like Shroud of the Avatar, Crowfall and others. For Shroud of the Avatar, he is the only Trusted Trader with Portalarium. So if you in need of things in the game, purchase them through his store. The sales support his streams and the revenue also goes back to Portalarium.

The Lunar Dragons has over 150 members and can best be described as a fellowship. The structure is very loose and people make of the membership as they see fit. There are always people on and chatting throughout the day and night. People are really open to answering questions and helping out. If you find yourself in need of assistance or just want to quickly party up, people are open to doing that as well. When Markee is streaming, there are often many players on looking to join up and go exploring and adventuring.

Player levels range from fairly new to the really experienced. The two requirements of the guild are simple; 1) There is a 1,000gp fee to join the guild that funds the guild house and demonstrates that you at least can get along in the world, and 2) No drama. The no drama goes along with our very relaxed approach.

As of 05/08/2017, the guild relocated to the Player Owned Town of Crossroads. And the new crown jewel is the City sized Guild Hall to the south of the river. This Guild Hall, which is currently $300 on the Add-on Store, was funded by donations of guild members and friends of in game gold.

Want to know more? Want to join up? Friend and contact any of the following in game:

  • Markee Dragon (leader)
  • Elaina Strongbow (me, officer)
  • Infernal (officer)
  • Rudyard (officer)
  • lovon (officer)
  • Brainmanager (officer)
  • Jerrik Jataan (officer)
  • redhunter2 (officer)

Safe travels and see you in Novia!

P.S. I have a video about the town of Crossroads and the Lunar Dragons <——