Strongbow Apartment Rentals

To help players out in Shroud of the Avatar I have setup a Village Inn in Owls Head and opened it for rental. This is a great opportunity if you need a place to call home, and it is very affordable! Here is what includes:

  • West End of Owls Head - one of the most frequented towns in the game.
  • Village Inn style house - designed for apartment rentals
  • Complete set of Crafting Tables - you don't have to leave to make stuff!
  • Remote Bank Device - do you banking right from the Inn
  • Mailbox - send and receive in game mails right from the Inn
  • (2) Commission Free Vendors - sell your wares in one of the most popular towns

All of this is available for the low price of 3000 gold per month or 1 COTO (Gold Crown of the Obsidian)! I'm a very laid back landlord and will keep the rules pretty simple:

  • Rent is due on the 1st of the month
  • Rent is sendable via in game mail
  • You can prepay and number of months
  • If you decide to leave early, I'll refund you any unused prepaid rent
  • Each room rental can have up to (3) storage chests
  • Be nice, pay your rent on time. :)

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