YouTube Channel
All of my videos are hosted on my YouTube channel. 99% of the time these videos are recorded locally and the uploaded. If I'm doing something that is more freeform I will stream the recording to Twitch and if it worth it, I will then export that live show over to YouTube.

YouTube Playlists
I have started to create playlists on YouTube to organize relevant content together. As I create the playlists, I will had them here as a point of reference. Whats on top is the most recent lists.

  • PVP Areas & Related - I start to talk about PVP as I slowly dip my toes into it as well
  • Cooking with Elaina - different food recipes and cooking basics
  • New Character Guide - I have a character named "Eleanor" and then videos are focused on New User mechanics and game play.
  • GM'ing Skills - Each time GM a skill, I will record a video showing it and explaining how I got there.
  • The Path of Truth Quest - SPOILER - wanted to explore Artifice so I hopped on the Truth quest. Four part series.
  • Exploring - videos where I explore an area for the first and go through it in pretty good detail.
  • R41 Related - videos specifically related to the April 2017 / R41 release.
  • Verdantis Mines - full exploration of the new Verdantis Mines, a three part series
  • Underground Passages - exploring the underground passages of Novia
  • The Path of Love Quest - SPOILER - six part series where I start/complete the Path of Love Quest
  • Release 40 (R40) - videos specifically related to March 2017 / R40 release.
  • Lunar Dragons POT Walkthroughs - various Lunar Dragon guild members own POTs in the game and this is a showcase of those POTs.
  • Homes on Parade - as I travel the lands I will tour various home types and well decorated homes and present them here.
  • Summon Fire Elemental Quest - this shows how to attain the quest and get the spell for Summon Fire Elemental.