I need to have a place where I can track the upcoming videos that I want to make for the game. I get ideas from users, the forums, discord and just playing around. So I will capture those ideas on this page.

Upcoming Videos
  • Buffs - a buff deck and why/how to use it (Defense 4.0)
  • Torc'Dawl - Kill the Troll
  • More on the New Player Guide series

Completed Videos (stuff done from above)
  • Caltrops - how awesome are they, how to make them and how to use them
  • Mining - where to go for different Ores and Gems
  • Veritas Pass - lots of Elves, running through found a Ring of Luck on an Elf I killed. Want to Explore.
  • Eleanor Strongbow - need to get back to Eleanor and continue on with the new player action
  • South Midmaer Way - lower level area that seems like a good spot for Wood gathering
  • Path of Truth / Artifice Quest - I've got a quest to start in Xenos that leads me to Artifice. Ended up bugged so I started at the beginning in Bloodriver.